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A Su-22M4 of the Czech Air Force.

The Sukhoi Su-17 (NATO reporting name: Fitter) is a Soviet fighter-bomber. It was a variable-sweep wing fighter-bomber developed from the Sukhoi Su-7.

Sukhoi Su-17.
Category. Statistic.
First flight on. 2 August 1966.
Retired on. No, it is still in use.
Major contractor(s).  Sukhoi OKB.
Dose it use nukes or cruse missiles. No.
Flight ceiling. 14,200 m (46,600 ft).
Top speed. 1,400 km/h (870 mph, 760 kn) / M1.13 at sea level.
Range. 2,300 km (1,400 mi, 1,200 nmi).
Crew. 1.
Nationality(s). Soviet.
Class. Fighter-bomber.
Rate of climb. 230 m/s (45,000 ft/min).
Links. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sukhoi_Su-17, https://military-history.fandom.com/wiki/Sukhoi_Su-17, https://skybrary.aero/aircraft/su17 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQd71faTXck.