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War damage in Skipton during y228, caused by 20 years of bitter warfair with the Welsh SSR and Lampeter.

A quiet street in Skipton.


The Socialist Republic of New Yorkshire\New Yorkshire\Yorkshire SSR\Red Yorkshire\Yorkshire.

Towns and cities[]

  1. Capital:New Bradford (5,575,475).
  2. Largest City:New Bradford (5,575,475).
  3. Other cities:  Beloved York, New Leeds, New Sheffield, New Rotherham, New Doncaster, New Redcar, New Harrogate, New Skipton, Repton, Selby, Scarborough, Whitby, Grimsby and Scunthorpe. 


  1. Official:Tyke (Yorkshire English)
  2. Other languages: Geordie (Newcastle/Gateshead English), Scouse, Manc (Manchester English), Glaswegian and Brummie (Birmingham English).

Ethnic groups[]

  1. main:Northern English
  2. other: Midlands English and Welsh.
  3. Demonym: Yorkshire-man/woman


  1. Socialist parliamentary constitutional democracy.
  2. government: Parliament
  3. President-Steve Cartwright
  4. Deputy President-Merrick Simms
  5. Prime Minister-Jake Farrell


  1. 56,520,795 (2450 census), 56,545,454 (2460 census), 57,527,000 (2470 est), 57,795,454 (2480 census), 58,520,000 (2490 est), 58,545,454 (2500 census).


  1. Established: 0
  2. Independence: 0
  3. Currency: Yorkshire Pound, Y£.
  4. Motto: Workers of the world, unite!
  5. anthem: On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at!/Ilkley Moor Bar T'at!
  6. Flag:

    The flag of the Yorkshire SSR.

The island's central Bolsover Brushland.

Yorkshire shares the relatively flattish island with Derbyshire, Clydesdale and Wales. It is a mineral rich land with an especially large deposit of iron ore in the north western part of the nation. It also has some oil, gas and coal deposits, as dose Wales, Clydesdale and Derbyshire. Heavy industry focuses on the central mining town of New Rotherham and the souther mining town of New Sheffield. Most major settlements have a auto-factory, steel mill and blast furnace in them.

The island group to the southwest are 

The derelict Ramsbottom Park East station in New Bradford is at the hart of the recent teenage marijuana smoking phenomena.

Most urban settlements are on the coastline and 

The highest point is the 500ft Mount Prescott on the southeastern border with Clydesdale. It is part of the Prescott Mountain Range which straddle the nation's border.

The climate is


A Britannia Exterior Airways jet in y1750. The firm was defunct in y1950, with it's assets equally split between Hampshire, Yorkshire, Durhamshire and Mercia.


  1. Scunthorpshire
  2. New Bradford City
  3. New Bradford hire
  4. Beloved York City
  5. New Leeds City
  6. Skiptonshire
  7. Harrogateshire
  8. New Sheffield City
  9. New Rotherham-New Doncaster conurbanisation
  10. Western
  11. Eastern
  12. Southern
  13. Central
  14. Brushlands


Ramsbottom Park Station's east junction in New Bradford.

The derelict Ramsbottom Park East station in New Bradford.



A construction aggregate (sand and gravel) quarry near New Rotherham.

A limestone quarry near New Sheffield.

Mining, forestry, fishing, Iron smelting, steel making and quarrying are all major industries. Mining is mostly of

Power stations[]

  1. 7 coal (1 closed)
  2. 1 nucliar
  3. 6 oil
  4. 2 gas
  5. 1 tip methane
  6. 1 refuse disposal
  7. 1 nortical wind farm (planned)
  8. 1 hydroelectric

Overseas territories[]

A polar island totaling only 48 miles in area.



  1. Capital gains tax for wealthy people is 1.5%
  2. N.I. contributions are 1.5%
  3. Alcohol duty is set at 45% so as to both accuracy lots of money and end endemic teenage drunkenness.
  4. VAT is 12.5%.
  5. Bank account advalorum tax 0.5%.
  6. Excise tax is 1.5%.
  7. House sale stamp duty is at 2%
  8. Income tax is 0% for low earners, 10% for middle earners and 30% for high earners.

Armed forces[]


Air force[]


Air defenses[]

Coast guard[]

Law and order[]

Last 5 election results[]


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The nations.