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Polish germanium TG50 transistors.

The idea[]

Creating a small, cheep and durable replacement for valves (vacuum tubes).


N\A, but probably akin to then Western practices.


TEWA TG50 germanium transistor.
Category. Statistic.
Designed in Circa ~1960.
Made in 1961.
Transistors per chip 1.
Power supply Low to medium.
Still in use The cheep one was discontinued in 2012, but many continue in older appliances. All other types are still made.
Nationality Polish.

Inside a Polish TEWA TG50 germanium transistor.

The TEWA TG50-TG55 type transistors worked as small power amplifiers low frequency, as switching transistors, control relays and so on. They had a medium to low power rating (allowable collector power dissipation 175mW, these transistors currently qualifies as a low-power). It was one of Poland's first moves in to the modern electrical business and it was seen as a national icon at the time.

  1. TG50 - basic transistor series, very common,
  2. TG51 - high voltage transistor,
  3. TG52 - for inverters
  4. TG53 - cheap, low-voltage collector
  5. TG55 - designed for inverters.


They were originally in irregular metal cases, then filled with blue-green resin, that were approximately like the Western TO-5 case in the TEWA corporate colour turquoise. The cases were later galvanized the case and finally used the official Western TO-5 and TO-30 type cases.

The more reliability 'professional' version was marked with a letter "S" after the type's usual designation code.

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