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The Tallinn TV Tower (Tallinna teletorn) is a free-standing structure with an observation deck and TV relay facility. It is located near Pirita, six km north-east of the Tallinn city centre.

The official height of 314 m (1030.2 ft), though some sources put it at 312.6 m (1026.6 ft). The building is administered by the public company Levira which was formerly the Estonian Broadcasting Transmission Center Ltd and is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers. The tower's mane body was constructed of a stack of reinforced concrete rings 50 cm thick that weigh a total of 17,000 metric tons. The total structural weight is approximately 20,000 tons. 


The tower was designed by architects David Baziladze and Juri Sinis . The cornerstone was laid on September 30, 1975 and survived a fire during the construction stage. It built to provide better telecommunication services for the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics regatta (sailing) event.

A small number of Estonian pro-democracy activists and anti-Soviet staff refused to give over to Soviet forces during a siege on the facility during the events of 1991. The story of there fight is recalled in the Estonian movie "August, 1991" and is mentioned at length in the Estonian documentary "The Singing Revolution".


  1. Location- Tallinn, Estonia.
  2. Coordinates- 59°28′16.34″N 24°53′15″E .
  3. Completed- 1980.
  4. Owner- Levira.
  5. Antenna spire height- 314 m (1,030.2 ft).
  6. Technical details- Lifts/elevators 2.
  7. Architect- David Baziladze and Juri Sinis.

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