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Tamás Aczél (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈtɒmaːʃ ˈɒtseːl]; 16 December 1921 – 18 April 1994) was a Kossuth Prize-winning Hungarian poet, writer, journalist and university professor.

By 1953 Aczél radically broke with his earlier works; he gave up his an agitative poetry and became a leading figure of the literary opposition formed around Imre Nagy, that initiated the dismissal of the Stalinist-Rákosist literary control.

After the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was repressed, Aczél fled the country and emigrated to England (1957–1966), before eventually settled in the United States (1966–1994). He became one of the best-known figures of the Hungarian emigrants and did a lot to make the story of the Hungarian Revolution more known. In the United States he was a professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst until his death.

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