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Best time of the year to travel.

The best months to travel through Thailand are December and January. Second best are November and February. These months constitute the 'cold' seasons. In Bangkok temperatures are still as high as during a good West-European summer though. At night, it cools off a bit but temperatures will rarely drop below 20 degrees Celsius, even at night.

From roughly March till May, Thailand experiences the hot season, when temperatures can soar into the 40 degrees range. Not the best time of year to go walking about cities or countryside.

From roughly May til October, we have the rainy season. It is quite unpredictable when it is going to rain though, and there are sometimes episodes of up to two months during this period, when there is no rain fall. Other years, rain falls more consistently almost every week. Traditionally rain falls during the late afternoon. It seldom lasts more than a few hours.

Flooding of areas of Bangkok and in the provinces occurs, more at the end of the rainy season in Bangkok (the drains are more clogged by then).

Temperatures tend to be high, but cool off somewhat each time it has rained.

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SNUBA diving in Phuket Thailand is a great family activity that allows anyone over 8 years old that has basic swimming abilities to try breathing underwater. Snuba uses the same equipment as scuba diving except the heavy tanks are supported in the Snuba raft that floats on the surface and follows your every move. There is no risk of the bends because Snuba divers only go as deep as 7 meter or 21 feet. There is also no certification required to try SNUBA. All participants go through a 15-minute safety briefing before their Snuba dive. The operator of Snuba Thailand is ALOHA Phuket Diver. There are several trips available. SNUBA Dive Thailand


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For an extensive web directory for Thailand, go to ThaiWebsites.com [1] .It covers business and industry, culture and history, real estate, consumer goods, hotels and resorts, Thai media, entertainment, health matters. Also many articles (with images) about health care in Thailand, shopping centers, temples, other attractions and travel destinations.


Mantra Restaurant & Bar, Pattaya[]


Mantra Restaurant

Dynamic, stylish and seriously cool… Mantra Restaurant and Bar is now open on the Beach Road in Pattaya. A new concept in dining, Mantra is not only raising standards in Pattaya, but blazing a brand new trail that others can only hope to follow!

The Restaurant, with its awe-inspiring architecture and eclectic and unique décor, is open from 6pm and the Bar, equally as impressive and provocative, is open from 5pm until 1am. Enjoy a pre-dinner or post-work drink, before settling in to enjoy a fabulous culinary journey, through various mouthwatering Asian and Mediterranean cuisines.

Exotic combinations from the menu, offer diners a host of sublime taste sensations. In each of the open kitchens, surrounding the main Dining Theatre, the chefs take centre stage, expertly preparing the cuisine in a well-orchestrated display of their craft.

Savour Indian delights, fresh from the authentic Tandoor ovens, Chinese creations from the Dim Sum steamer or wood-fired duck oven, your favourites with a twist from the Thai Kitchen, sun-drenched flavours hot from the wood-fired pizza oven… Relish fresh fish and seafood from the tanks, either hot from the Lava-stone Grill or sliced, diced and rolled, as you watch at the Sushi Bar, and explore the treasures from an extensive walk-in wine cellar. Mantra truly is a gourmet experience.

Guests can share an intimate dining alcove on The Balcony or dine on the outdoor Treasure Terrace. The Lost Gallery offers private rooms and are the perfect party space for many an occasion. Special menus can be tailor-made for every function, bringing together a delicious symphony of different Mantra cuisines.

Afterwards, savour the experience, linger in the Bar and enjoy the Mantra lounge sounds, and take a seat.

No need to concern yourself about parking. There is valet service available and a large carpark.

For more info go to www.mantra-pattaya.com

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Nightlife entertainment in Bangkok is world-famous. Two popular nightlife venues are Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy. Before going there, it is worthwhile to get some information on where to go and what to expect. The bars in Bangkok at the above-mentioned locations, mostly feature pole-dancing girls, though it is also possible to enjoy the scene outside the bars, enjoying a drink, and observe what is going on.[2]

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