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New Freedom[]

While Doomsday decimated the Western world, and turned the US and USSR to mere rubble, the African continent felt greater change than any other continent. While it fell into anarchy as the UN and other western organizations left, the people of Africa were allowed to decide their own fates.

Countries shattered into hundreds of tiny "micro-states" and slowly freedom was restored. Southern Sudan and Darfur were the first to secede from their European lines drawn in the sand as they were already in a civil war for freedom, setting up model republican governments. Nigeria was split into North and South. Zaire shattered like leaves in the wind, and conflict still rages there.

Authors note: this is what I feel is an unexplored part of this ATL, while it will be horrific from 1983-1995?, 2000? I believe that the new millennium will bring peace and security to the new countries, which are rich from oil and natural resources. 1983 marks the beginning of a new golden age for Africa.