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What it is[]

It is said to be:

"The monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country's borders in a specific time period, though GDP is usually calculated on an annual basis. It includes all of private and public consumption, government outlays, investments and exports less imports that occur within a defined territory."

*according to investopedia.com.

It is one of the ways of measuring the fiscal size and changes in fiscal value of national economies.

Technical notes[]

  1. I relocated the FSM, Guam and Wallis & Fatuna on later maps.
  2. I missed of Madeira, the Canaries, Falklands and the Azores off of several older maps by mistake.
  3. Malta and a near by Italian island were often confuse on older maps.
  4. Réunion is the slightly smaller western island, Mauritius is the slightly larger eastern island. Sadly, the maps are not constant over which is the 1 and 2 pixel large island. Mauritius is often mentioned, so if there is only one shaded, it Mauritius, since Réunion is rarely mentioned.
  5. I failed to recolour some coastal zones when changing the nation's colour on older maps by mistake.
    1. Examples: Sweden's Gotland Island and Croatia's Dalmatian Islands.
  6. Some dependency like French Polynesia record separate data and are shown as such. Others like the Falklands merge their data with that of the home land, this is missed on several maps that show them erroneously as gray for data N\A.

1965-2030 global nominal GDP (ppp) maps[]

Here are the stats from 1965 to 2030.

  • Note: GDP per head statistics stat at various times, with some like France and China start in 1965 while others like Poland and the USSR start in 1970.

Nominal GDP per capita for 2015.[]

The nominal GDP per capita for 2015. Author: Rossenne.


Non-nominal GDP per head for 1950[]

The non-nominal GDP per head for 1950.



Non-nominal GDP per head for 2015[]

File:2015 non-nominal GDP PPP map.png

The non-nominal GDP per head for 2015.


Real GDP growth rate for 2016[]

Countries by real GDP growth rate in 2016. Countries in red were in recession. Author: Kami888.


Things that affect GDP per capita[]

In theory it grows as the nominal GDP does, but can be reduced by a rising population leading to it being spread out among more people. The reverse effect can also occur. 

There are the alleged booms among the Association of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (B.R.I.C.S.), as well in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Equatorial Guinea, Azerbaijan, Slovenia, Poland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong S.A.R., the Baltic States, Chile, Mexico, Iran, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, Israel and Australia.

All the economy have grown since 1965 and most have grown since 2000 (growth has been especially high in India and China), but it is mostly a relative improvement form the distant past and better targeting of state spending have made life better in the counties.

China has given up the xenophobic Bamboo Curtain policy, The USSR's horrifically inefficient system has been removed to various degrees in the former USSR, Equatorial Guinea has struck oil and scrapping communist centrally planned economics in favor of western market economics helped crate money in the relevant nations anyhow.

Things that affect GDP[]


Economic patterns and cycles[]


The historically perceived starting dates for noticeable post WW2 national development[]

  1. Japan\The European city-states, Scandinavia and Switzerland- 1947
  2. USSR\former USSR- 1947\1997
  3. Western\Europe- 1948
  4. East Asia-1949
  5. Central Europe- 1950
  6. E. Europe- 1955
  7. USA\Canada\Australia\NZ\Venezuela\Sothern Cone nations- 1960
  8. Cuba\The Balkans\Southern Europe\Rest of S. America\Mexico\S. E. Asia 1965
  9. Middle East- 1965
  10. S. Asia- 1970
  11. China\N. Africa- 1975
  12. RSA- 1979
  13. Central America- 1980
  14. Caribian- 1982
  15. Sub-Saharan Africa- 1985\2005
  16. Pasific Islands- 1987.

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