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Dynamic speaker with 4-pin connect. Author: Hans Haase.


A [IBM] PC speaker is a loudspeaker built into most IBM PC compatible computers. The first IBM Personal Computer, the IBM model 5150, employed a standard 2.25 inch magnetic driven (dynamic) speaker. More recent computers use a piezoelectric speaker instead.

The speaker allows software and firmware to provide auditory feedback to a user, such as to report a hardware fault. A PC speaker generates waveforms using the programmable interval timer.


  1. Speaker type- Dynamic speaker with 4-pin connector.
  2. Date it was invented in- 1981.
  3. Invented by- IBM.
  4. Connects to- a motherboard.
  5. Use- a loudspeaker built into most IBM PC compatible computers.
  6. Common manufacturers- several.
  7. Retired- still in use.


It gave monotone bleeps reminiscent of letters in more code. The time an number of bleeps served as a code for identifying programming and hardware errors. It could be programmed to make basic music which was bleeps of slightly varying tone and volume and differing time to make primitive synthetic music for games and user entertainment.

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