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The O.T.L. Operation High Jump conspiracy theory[]

  • The whole Operation High Jump "conspiracy" theory appears to have started because:
  1. In the final stages of the WW2 a sighting was reported by members of the nearby British Antarctic base of what appeared to be Nazis in a nearby ice cave, (apparently a glacial cave) [[1]][[2]]]
  2. This was reported back to military intelligence who was also following up on other sightings of U-boats and Nazis near Argentina (and a quote from Hitler himself), so they suspected the Nazis had an organized facility in the area. (Although chances are it was just some officers from a scuttled U-boat and nothing else.)[[3]] [[4]] [[5]]
  3. When this is also considered along side the fact that several German U-boats[[6]], a large amount of building supplies and German scientists[[7]][[8]] identified by Operation Paperclip were still unaccounted for, theoretically added the then credibility of a possible remote Nazi base in the region [[9]] which the Americans wanted to check out
  4. Subsequently both the British and US mounted some missions to check out the area and tossed in a bit of research and exploration as a bonus.
  5. On December 30, 1946, aviation radio-men Wendell K. Hendersin, Fredrick W. Williams, and Ensign Maxwell A. Lopez were killed when their PBM Mariner George 1 crashed during a blizzard on Mission High Jump.
  6. The mission ended a bit early and many of it's crew were heavy injured, not just frost bitten and/or snow blinded.
  7. Some aspects of what they found still remains classified to this day; which isn't helping matters; while others (such as the military promo video) are on the public record.[[10]]
  8. Several popular sifi books are written about such a base.
  9. So many people began to believe the urban myth about "real motivation" for the subsequent operation, not the facts.

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