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The Universe and Solar System are akin to ours and the planets are same in number, form, size and nature, but there are 4 minor planets orbiting close the sun. They are tiny, mostly molten, stony little things akin to the hypothetical (NOT STAR TREK) Vulcan.

The list[]

Planets in The Solar System.
Planet name. Moon name. Real world equivalent.
The Sun Sun
The Hot-asses (#.1, #.2, #.3 and #4). AKA- Annette, Harriet, Georgette and Jeanette. The hypothetical not Star Trek Vulcan (4 of them).
The Sun-burnt Planet Mercury
The Cloudy Planet Venus
El Mundo The Earth
La Lune The Moon
Bigger 3753 Cruithne
Smaller 54406 YORP
La Ruĝa Planedo Mars
Colette (121514) 1999 UJ7
Henrietta 5261 Eureka
Nicolette 2011 UN63
The Pebble Ceres
The Asteroid Belt The Asteroid Belt
De Oranje Planeet Jupiter
. Io
. Europa
. Ganymede
. Callisto
. Titan
. Uranus
La Planète Bleue Neptune
Nannette 2001 QR322
The Lost Planet Pluto
Minnette Charon
Claudette Haumea
Hugette Makemake
Georgette Eris
Bridget 90377 Sedna

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