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Bill Clinton visit to Los Alamos

The first Secretary General and ex-Vermont President John Harrison Davis. His tenure was from 540 to 560.

Overview Edit

Palácio das Necessidades 1997

The Secretary General's residence is in Milan City, Milan.

It is this world's version of our UN and sits in Halifax in Vermont and Skopje in Balkanska. The Secretary General's residence is in Milan City, Milan.

Official languagesEdit

It's roleEdit

The The Union of El Mundo (UEM), also nicknamed the United Nations (UN) and World Government (WG), is an intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation, well being and peace .

It's organsEdit

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  • The Secretary General - The supreme leader. He is elected by the General Committee from the UEM's members to serve in a civil and democratic presidential style. He must forsake national issues and remain neutral on non global issues. He is the planet's figurehead leader and the UEM's actual leader.
  • General Committee – a supervisory committee consisting of the assembly's president, vice-president, and committee heads, lead by the Security Council.
  • Credentials Committee – responsible for determining the credentials of each member nation's UN representatives.
  • First Committee (Disarmament and International Security).
  • Second Committee (Economic and Financial).
  • Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural).
  • Fourth Committee (Special Political and Decolonization).
  • Fifth Committee (Administrative and Budgetary).
  • Sixth Committee (Legal).
  • Seventh Committee (Peace keeping and overseas aid)
  • Food and Agriculture Organization
  • International Atomic Energy Agency
  • International Civil Aviation Organization
  • International Fund for Agricultural Development
  • International Labour Organization
  • International Maritime Organization
  • International Monetary Fund
  • International Telecommunication Union
  • Union of El Mundo Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • Union of El Mundo Industrial Development Organization
  • World Tourism Organization
  • Universal Postal Union
  • World Bank Group
  • World Food Programme
  • World Health Organization
  • World Intellectual Property Organization
  • World Meteorological Organization
  • Union of El Mundo Police (Blue berets)
  • Union of El Mundo Military (Blue Helmets)
  • Union of El Mundo Electoral Assistance (Blue Ballot Boxes)

Opinions on national law making.Edit

There was a charter of universal, global legal rights and obligations that UEM courts and national courts must follow as of 1225.

  1. Drop-out teen culture, juvenile delinquency, hippies, spoiled little brats, punks, kidults and misbehaviour at school are vehemently discouraged.
  2. Bicker, punk, goth and skinhead gangs are banned.
  3. Tiryany, political intimidation, death squads, politically motivated jailing and corruption are banned (sadly, some leaders just don't get the message even today).
  4. Parental neglect and is vehemently discouraged.
  5. Bail is promoted.
  6. Probation is promoted.
  7. Parole is promoted.
  8. Wareing hoodies in places like shops and banks is banned.
  9. Swearing and spitting at UEM staff or a nation's cops, judges, magistrates, priests and politicians are banned.

Standardisation of common commodities, objects, standards and testing.Edit

There was a charter of universal, global standards, ideals and measures that UEM said national governments, individuals and corporations must follow as of 1900. The eventual creation of a common pan global policy on-

  1. food additives,
  2. electromechanical sytems,
  3. electrical wiring practice,
  4. wire gauges,
  5. legal, penal and police prctice,
  6. atomic safety,
  7. chemical testing,
  8. medicine testing,
  9. animal welfare,
  10. food safety,
  11. building quality and safty
  12. transportation safety standards.

Current leadershipEdit

  1. Charlotte Arpaïs Janaszak (Secretary general)
  2. Anton Ali Haddad (Deputy Secretary general)
  3. Nick Smythe
  4. David Smith
  5. Dagmar Svensen
  6. Thomas Ian Alexander
  7. Thomas Pytor Peterson
  8. Seffan Ayad
  9. Yannis Papandreou
  10. Stavro Koutsomitis
  11. Anika Jazko
  12. Buck Jones
  13. Sabire Shrinagar
  14. Abdullah Al-Daih
  15. Achmed Ali Hamsa
  16. Ian Shamus Flynn
  17. Chantal Dubois
  18. Zhang Ping
  19. Jean-Yves Chazan
  20. Henry Longeat
  21. David Stimpson
  22. Samuel Martin
  23. Samia Abdeslam
  24. Ibrahim Maktouf
  25. Ruth Amelia Sherlock

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