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The origins of head and eyebrow shaving

This is the traditional, enforced buzz cuting or shaving off of a woman's head hair and sometimes her eyebrows to, as an often abused method of humiliation and chastisement. It became more popular since the 1990s and reached it's highest level during 2013.

Pakistan does not, as of 2011, have a separate law under the Women Protection Act to declare malicious head and eyebrow shaving.

Known cases


  • A case was reported in village of Jaddar Bhanda, in the Punjab, on 18 December 2002. The woman, Ghulam Mustafa, had her head shaved and her four-year-old daughter forcibly married to the five-year-old son of her lover as punishment for committing adultery, which is considered unislamic and sinful. The man was tried in a traditional village jury was ordered to give his bullock cart to the woman's cheated husband. The betrayed husband was Mumtaz Mai and was arrested for adultery as well. The head of the village and one of Mai's brothers was arrested for setting up the trial.
The practice of holding child weddings is in theory illegal in Pakistan, but is widely ignored. Earlier that year a village council in Punjab odder that a woman was to be gang-raped as chastisement.


  • In the March or 2007, 29 year-old Shazia Hussein, from Mirpur Mahelo in Ghotki district, Sindh province was abducted by a gang, had her head shaved, bittern and forced to convert to Islam. She was an atheist, who though Islam was evil.


  • On 3 January 2011, in Larkana district, in Sindh province, a mother of 12 had her head and eyebrows shaved by her ex-husband and her three nephews, who had also beaten her, as punishment for divorcing him. He started casting bad aspersions on her character for saving other people's phone numbers on her cell phone. He said there were drug addicts attending the local sports teams and not just friends, which has never been proven to be true.
  • Forty-seven-year-old Ghulam Ali, of Iqbal Town, near Rawalpindi, allegedly tortured and then shaved his 15-year-old wife's head to further humiliate her on 22 December 2011. A Pakistani police spokesman said Ali started abusing physically assaulting his wife, Madiha Shaheen, now 15, for the last three months from the first week of marriage. Madiha's mother subsequently lodged a complaint against Ali in the local police station in Sadiqabad and was directed to the Shahzad Town Police Station because it fell under Shahzad Town's legal jurisdiction. Ghulam Ali was known to Shahzad Town Police as being involved in numerous other local criminal acts.


  • On 3 March 2012, 19 year-old Rinkle Kumari, a Hindu girl from Mirpur Mahelo in Ghotki district, Sindh province was abducted by a gang and forced to convert to Islam, before being head shaved.
  • After a few months, Saadia (AKA: Shazia), claimed her husband and in-laws had physically abused her, shaved here head and threw her out of their house in Faisalabad, Pakistan on June 16th, 2012. Jhang Bazaar police arrested Shehzad later that day.
Shehzad told police "I was frustrated and angry, so I removed her hair. I cannot tolerate disrespect toward my parents, no matter who does it.". He also accused her of "misbehaving" in front of her parents and of treating him with a club.
Saadia’s father, Shafiq, said “My daughter kept crying and begged for mercy, but they did not stop and hit her with the butt of a pistol. They threatened to kill her. She came to my house, and I took her to hospital.” Shafiq said that Shehzad, his father Manzoor Ahmad and mother Sabiran Bibi had kicked, punched and slapped his daughter.
Saadia told the press and hospital staff that she had been abused for a long time by family members that she had supposedly 'disrespected'. She also claimed that “My mother-in-law used to fabricate stories about me and complain to my husband, who used to beat me up without hearing my side of the story.”.


  • 60-year-old Seema Bibi from Kot Marth in Punjab was head shaved after converting to Christianity from Islam by 27 of her fellow villagers in an angry mob attack. Her attackers were arrested by police, but Seema and her family quickly moved else were in fear for their lives.
  • Muhammad Akram beat up one of his wives, Kalsoom, shaved both her head and eyebrows, then painted here face black for disrespecting his other, newer wife, Masooma, in front of 50 shocked witnesses at a wedding reception in Mumtazabad, Pakistan. Both her and her 3 kids were thrown out of the family home after the wedding. She had been repeated threats by him that if she did not agree to the second marriage, then he would kill ere and her kids.


  • 3 men were involved in a incident in Mohallah Gheela Khurd, Taxila, Punjab, on January 26th, 2014. It occurred after recently shaved woman and another a unidentified woman burst in to the local police station and accused a man of having an augment with her a petty dispute. Later, the accused man got a tip off from the cops. Both he and his 2 companions, stormed into her house and attempted to assault her. When she screamed they tied her up, shaved her head and fled from the scene. A legal case has been registered.


  • At least 1,100 women were killed in honour killers during Pakistan 2015.Thousands were also shaved that year to.


  • A 23-year-old local woman was paraded though the streets of Uch Sharif, Bahawalpur, on June 20, 2016; with her face blackened and shaven headed by her family members, according to eyewitnesses, for allegedly eloping with a unidentified young local man. When she returned from seeing the unidentified young local man, her family members including father, husband and step-mother had reportedly secretly physically tortured her. The then presented her before a Panchayat (a gathering of area elders) who announced the shaving related punishment for her for her crime of 'dishonoring the family'. A legal case registered against 10 family members of the woman and the Panchayat. Some arrests were imminent as of March 13th, 2016.
  • Another case occurred in Mallahwala village, Pattoki, Punjab, on March 12th, 2016. Newly married Iqra Bibi married Muhammad Riaz, but according to Iqra, things soon went wrong due to her poor dowry. Her in-laws, lead by her mother-in-law Rani Bibi started taunting her over lack of expensive items in dowry and even subjected her to physical torture. She was finally thrown out of the house, naked, after an attack by them in which Iqra’s hands and legs were tied and shaved her head. Police equerries continue. Iqra came from Bonga Balocha village, Baluchistan.


Ironically, it is also the norm in the USA for dealing with any infraction by children, especially girls, but they can get away with it on the international stage, unlike Pakistan.

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