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First 5 US satellites United States Space Explorations 1958 NASA; Explorer, Vanguard, Pioneer-0

The film describes preparation and launch of five satellites and two space probes during 1958.


Diamant rocket launch, France's space agency (CNES), Hammaguir, in 60'S

( FRENCH AUDIO) Diamant A, this was the first version of the Diamant rocket program.


Various ideas and pioneering theories were floated a few decades earlier by H.G. Wells, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Robert H. Goddard and Hermann Oberth.

The A1 was Germany's first major attempt at any type of rocket devise. It was also the first rocket design in the Aggregate series. It was designed in 1933 by the emerging the scientist  Wernher von Braun as part of the Wehrmacht (the German army) research program at Kummersdorf headed by the scientist  Walter Dornberger.

The plan[]

Germany was trying to create a ballistic missile to hit the USA and UK with. Wernher von Braun wast he boffin that lead the team that created the V-2 missile.

The device[]

The V-2 rocket was the missile meant for use on the the UK (it was used here), Ireland, Belarus and the Netherlands (when they rebelled) as well.

The event[]

Nazi Germany's Army Research Center Peenemünde on the island of Peenemünde. In 1942 the German V2 was the first rocket to reach 100km from the Earth’s surface (the boundary of space). When the Wehrmacht conducted it's 1944 "Suborbital Missile test" it was the first successful passing of a man-made object to cross what would later be defined as the 100km/62mi high Kármán Line and hence first space-flight in  1944. The vertical test's  apogee was 176 kilometres (109 mi) thus making it entere space. At tyhe end of WW2, America collected several scientists during Operation Paperclip and stared it's own space program. The French and Soviets also captured a few and tryed to set up rival space programs.

Related rockets[]

  1. A4-SLBM- a planned submarine-launched ballistic missile.
  2. A9/A10 "Amerika Rakete"- a 2 stage rocket to hit North America with atomic arms.
  3. The A11 "Japan Rakete"- a 3 stage rocket to hit American forces with with atomic arms as they invaded Japan.
  4. The A12 design was seen as a far distant plan. It was a true orbital rocket that could be used for peaceful purposes after the Nazis had won the inevitable future war with the USA. It was proposed as a four-stage vehicle, comprising of the A12, A11, A10 and A9 interconnected rocket stages. Calculations suggested it could place as much as 10 tonnes payload in low Earth orbit.

Peaceful outcome[]

The American Hermes rocket, French Diamant-A rocket and the Soviet R-1 rocket were the result of this early research. America sent the first plants and animals into space in 1947. Both the rye and fruit flies came back unharmed.

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