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Those alternate Balkan states TL locator map.

My Idea[]

I grew curious about the World War 1 geopolitics and ethnolo-politics of the region and thought about a alternate post  World War 1 boundary change event.


The Balkans region was divided differently at the 1913 London and Bucharest conferences. The lands were split up according to race, creed and local nationalist spirit, not Serbian, Greek, Monte Negran, Turkish and Bulgarian neo-colonialism.

My alternate 6 nations[]

  1. Republic of Macedonia (Those alternate Balkan states)
  2. Republic of North Epirus (Those alternate Balkan states)
  3. Republic of Tamrash (Those alternate Balkan states)
  4. Republic of Greater Albania (Those alternate Balkan states)
  5. Hellenic Republic of Greece (Those alternate Balkan states)
  6. Independent Republic of Western Thrace (Those alternate Balkan states)

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