Thule Air Base, Greenland/Pituffik Airport/Qaanaaq Airport.
Category. Statistic.
Location. Greenland.
Opened in. 1943.
Closed in. Open and partly in civilian only Greenlandic use since 1991.
Operated by. Part of Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) since 1943, but alongside the civil Greenladic firm Mittarfeqarfiit since 1991.
Owned by. United States Army Air Force/United States Air Force.
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Thule air base above

Thule Air Base in the foreground with North Star Bay, which was covered in sea ice at the time of the accident, in the background in 2006.

Pituffik was a former Inuit settlement at the current site of Thule Air Base. A major radar system was also built here in the 1970s. Thule US forces township and base proper are an unincorporated enclave within Qaasuitsup municipality in northern Greenland. The permanent population of the base was 235 as of 1 January 2005. It was also the site of the 1960s 1968 Thule Air Base B-52 crash.

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