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Name- Federation of Mid-Fife, Fife or F.M.F.
Local name- Federation of Mid-Fife, Fife or F.M.F.
Time line: 1983: Doomsday
OTL location: Most of Fife and Kinross-shire
120px 80px
Flag . CoA .
Capital ..
Largest City .
Other major settlements .
Languages .
Head of state .
Vice head of state .
Head of parliament .
Type of regime  .
Name of national legislature .
Area .
Population .
Number of international airports 0.
Number of major ports 1.
State de facto formed .
De facto Independence date .
Independence de jure recognised on .
De facto annexation date .
Annexation de jure recognised on .
Preceded_by (year) .
Succeeded_by (year) .
Currency .
Religions .
Motto Offical= "Semper Vigilo." (Keeping People Safe.). Unofficial= "We don't give a f**k, we're Fifers!".
Imports: .
Exports: .
Demonym Fifer.
Anthem  An ode to fife.
Ethnic groups .
Internet TLD: N\A.
Highest mountain: .
Calling code: .
Number of military personnel: .
% Literacy: 85%.
Drives on the: Left.
National sport: Football.

|name = |Timeline = |preceded_by = Post war anarchy |succeeded_by = Celtic Alliance |flag =. |CoA = . |map = . |years = 1985 to 2006 |population = 34,500 in 1990, 35,600 in 2007, 36,600 in 2012 and 38,400 in 2020 (now part of the CA). Figures exclude the people in Kinross (2,750 in 1990, 2,755 in 2007, 2,755 in 2012 and 2,758 in 2020.), a minor county which joined them, but are not traditionally part of Fife. |national_anthem = |demonym = |motto = |language = Scottish English and British English |capital = Glenrothes |city_largest = Glenrothes |city_other = Ladybank, Kirkcaldy, Cowdenbeath, Kelty, Kinross, Glenrothes, Methil, Kinross and Cupar |language_other = Scots Gaelic and Scots |HoStitle=Chief Convener |HoSname=Alistair Dougall McCutcheon |CoGtitle=Chairman of the board of Provosts |CoGname= Finular Anne McLeod |area= . |religion_other = Agnostic Christian, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian and Episcopalian |religion = Church of Scotland |ethnic_other = Irish |ethnic_group = Scottish |regime = A democratic and constitutional federation of democratic constitutional city states |currency = Barter and Celtic Cel.


10kt tactical nukes had hit Rosyth Dockyard, RAF Pitreavie Castle, DM Crombie, MOD Caledonia, Grangemouth Refinery, Grangemouth Docks and RAF Leuchars. Anstruther RSG was hit by a 20kt nuke Aberdeen and Dundee harbours were also was hit with a tactical 10kt nuke, but he 100kt strategic nukes fell short of the east coast cities and exploder 5 and 10 miles east respectively of their intended targets in the sea. A 5kt device meat for Rosyth town missed an hit Loch Fitty and another meant for the nearby dockyards hit Carnock Moor. Radiation blew in from other places causing much sufferings.

The direct aftermath of the war[]

Death, radiation sickness, starvation, mental trauma and cholera were the unwanted masters of the region during the early and mid 1980s. The Grim Reaper was the only happy thing in Fife at this time! Those corpses that were not buried in mass graves were there dumped of fishing boats in to the sea or burnt on mass pyers.

The still living council members, police chiefs, provosts met in Glenrothes and agreed with the provost of Glenrothes that they needed to take action to save what little they had left. When the word of what happened came from refugees and police scouts arrived over the next week the still living council members, police chiefs, provosts met in Glenrothes. They decided scavenge ruined building for useful stuff, start up new farms, kicked out most of the refuges and started a general rationing system. The ruble, wood and plastic would be utilised for defensive barriers, buildings and fuel (except for the rubble).

The servere damaging of Rosyth Dockyard was both an heavy material and psychological blow to the region's future.

The Clackmannanshire towns Dollar and Tillicoultry saw much fighting with refugees from Fife and the frightened locals.

The surviving portion of the former Fife Region tried to maintain an independent, democratic and self-sufficient way of life, but the emergent city state just only managed to hold on at best of times. War trauma, post-apocalyptic misery and post-traumatic stress syndrome lead the interim leadership (mostly Fife Region's remaining provosts and county councilors) cracking up and slipping in to a state of clinical paranoia and anti-English sentiment.

Anti-English killings and the enslavement of English people was common throughout the early and mid 1980s as almost all of the panic stricken public blamed the English, Americans and Soviets for stating the war. Eventually the surviving English managed to get to safety in Northumbria and Grampian Region.

With horrible amounts of fallout coming from the north, south east and south, only Glenrothes was in any way safe or reasonably productive. This was directly after Doomsday and caused the government to focus on the central zone and on production.

The locals of the former Fife Region united in hope of a better future and the towns co-operated as best as they could. They would survive through the next 6 years acting alone on a mixture of luck, good guesswork, rural crafts, personal determination and agricultural knowhow. As things got better the anti-English violence and discriminations got less.

Federation occurs[]

The remaining people of Glenrothes, Ladybank, Kirkcaldy, Cowdenbeath, Kelty, Glenrothes, Methil and Cupar tried to sort out thire miserable lives by federating as a single state in the December of 1985. It started as an attempt to set up a common defence and resources sharing system, but had politically grown and had become substantially more by the mid 1990s. 

Kinross declared independence from Tayside in the March of 1985 and went isolationist until it joined the Federation of Mid-Fife a year later for protection from the 1985-7 Tayside civil war (1983: Doomsday) Fife was also eager to take on some good farmland and a notable loch as well.

Earlsferry and and Leven joined the newly emerged alliance  in 1987.

The 1990s[]

Farming gradually improved and food supplies did not need rationing by the mid 1990s.

The chaotic and ruins remains of northern Dunfermline and eastern Inverkeithing were later assimilated in 1997.

A small outbreak of equine ethmoid hematoma hit the nations horses in late 1998.

Diplomatic links with Northumbria, The Scottish Republic and the Celtic Alliance in 1996.

Tayport in 1997[]

A Fife exploration team entered the former town in early 1997. They found it to be virtually empty and the small port to be overgrown and falling apart due to a lack of maintenance work. It was of no foreseeable use at the time, but they laid claim to it any how.

St. Andrews in 1999[]

A Fife exploration team entered the former town in early 1999. They found it to be virtually empty and the golf course to be overgrown. It was of no foreseeable use at the time, but they laid claim to it any how.

The Celtic Alliance makes an offer[]

The CA had notice the minor nation in late 1999 and thought they could help it out as well as help undermine the Scottish Republic. The Fife negotiators mooned at the CA negotiators and chanted "No surrender to the IRA!" and rejected  the deal. 

The Scottish Republic makes an offer[]

The SR had notice the minor nation in late 1999 and thought they could help it out as well as help undermine the Jacobites. The Fife negotiators mooned at the SR negotiators and chanted "We don't give a f**k, were Fifers!" and rejected the deal. 

The Kingdom of Scotland makes an offer[]

The Jacobites had notice the minor nation in early 2000 and thought they could help it out as well as ultimately make them pro-Jacobite. The Fife negotiators mooned at the Jacobite negotiators and chanted "We don't give a f**k, were Fifers!" and rejected the deal. 

The Celtic Alliance makes a second offer[]


The Scottish New State attacks[]


The Celtic Alliance makes a third offer[]



The Celtic Alliance, Scottish Republic and Kingdom of Scotland tried to win them over, but to no avail. Mid-Fife finally joined the Celtic Alliance in 2006 due to a fatal deterioration in relations with the Scottish New State in 2003.

Life today in the CA[]

They are happy with the current situation and the federal state that they joined. Some have speculated that the nation should be given a greater level of autonomy and there is some public support for this, but no one as yet wants independence from the Celtic Alliance.