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The engineEdit

The Turbo-Union RB199 is an aircraft turbofan jet engine designed and built in the early 1970s by Turbo-Union, a joint venture between the firms Rolls-Royce, MTU Aero Engines and Fiat-Avio. The RB199's sole production application is the Panavia Tornado fighter aircraft.

The statsEdit

RB199 Cosford

A RB199 on static display at the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford.

  1. Made in: 1972.
  2. Type: terbofan.
  3. Length: 3,600 millimetres (142 in).
  4. Diameter: 720 millimetres (28.3 in).
  5. Dry weight: 976 kilograms (2,151 lb).
  6. Compressor: 3-stage LP, 3-stage IP, 6-stage HP.
  7. Combustors: N\A.
  8. Turbine: Single stage HP, Single stage IP, 2-stage LP.
  9. Maximum thrust: 40 kilonewtons (9,100 lbf) dry,73 kilonewtons (16,400 lbf) wet.
  10. Overall pressure ratio: 23.5:1.
  11. Specific fuel consumption:N\A.
  12. Thrust-to-weight ratio: 7.6:1 (with reheat).
  13. First made in: 1972.
  14. Nationality: Joint British\Italian\W. German.

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