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UK and Commonwealth OTL troop numbers in WW1. During the war the British Empire and Dominions raised a total of 8,904,467 men for military service. [[1]]

There were 6-7 million British soldiers who served in WWI [[2]], 200,000-208,500 Irish [[3]] Empire troops included, 1.27 million Indians [[4]], 14,785 West Africans (mostly Blacks) [[5]], 67,000 S. Africans (including 6,000+ blacks) [[6]], the Dominion of Canada sent over 625,000 men and several thousand women [[7]], About 100,000 New Zealanders were sent overseas to fight in France, Belgium, Egypt and other places; [[8]], over 6,000 men enlisted in the Newfoundland Regiment during the First World War [[9]] and 416, 809 Australians enlisted for service in the First World War [[10]].

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