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Typical lurid U.K. tabloid newspaper head lines. This addition is from 2006.


Resentment toward foreigners has been a popular theme in many nations, including the U.K. over the years. Blacks, Asians, Arabs, Jews, Poles, Gypsys, and Irish have had it at times. The IRA made things worse for the Irish since some people got the unfair opinion that all or most Irish were in the IRA and related movements. 

Immigration general rose steady since the early 1990's and as did the economy after the liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi rule.

Croat, Kosovar and Bosnian refugees sought sanctuary in the UK and other places during the breakup of Yugoslavia, but some were attacked in London, Manchester, Glasgow and a couple of German cites. They mostly went back home circa 2000-2004.

The economic situation started fold-up and die in about 2000. It has sunk ever since. Asian, Chinese, Polish, Hungarian, Irish and black African immigration also rose slightly at that point.

The problem


There were a few overly anti-Arab\Somali\Bosniak\Serb articles in response to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, the Somali civil war and the collapse of Yugoslavia.


The Glaswegians had some minor ethnic scuffles with Kosovars refugees and ethnic tensions grew for a few month on both sides of the divided, but had gone by the time they were repatriated in 2001.


The economic situation in parts of Eastern Europe started fold-up and die in about 2000. Croat, Kosovar and Bosnian refugees who had sought sanctuary in the UK and other places during the breakup of Yugoslavia mostly went back home circa 2000-2004. Asian, Chinese and African immigration also rose slightly at that point.

2001 before the 9/11/2001 attacks

Many Kosovars were quietly repatriated, but this went largely unreported in the UK media.

2001 After the 9/11/2001 attacks

Suspicion naturally hit the Pakistani, Afghan, Arab and Muslim communities. Many headlines became bias against them and people naturally tended to beleave it due to the 9/11/2001 attacks. Pakistaniphobia became a temporary, but vicious, phenomena.


Portugese and Brazilian immigrants were viewed with suspicion relating to the general climate of fear after the 9/11/2001 attacks.


A killer/rapist Lithuania doctor who struck in and around the London borough Ealing was used as an attack on the Lithuanian community. The motivation appeared to be to capitalise on the initial fears raised by the 9/11/2001 attacks and new immigrants from Eastern Europe and start a new headline grabbing blame campaign. Soon all Lithuanians were being unfairly accused on mass of being wood-bee criminals. Latvians and Estonians were not accused at this point.


The UK economy began to show some serious ailments due to several incompetent bankers, the odd corrupt banker and the general climate of corporate greed in the UK and Ireland.

As this happened Polish, Czech, Slovakia, Hungarian and Baltic immigrants turned up they accused them of 'stealing' jobs. Most had set up their own enterprises, especial ethnic food shops, newspapers, music shops, etc. A Latvian murderer and two Polish benefits cheats were used to unfairly smear both nationalities.

Some of those who harboured anti-EU sentiments went on to peruse a quasi-racist agenda against the peoples of the Balkans as to scare the less Europhobic parts of the U.K. in to joining their radicalised variant of euroscepticism. Most British folk resented the EU's business model, regulation, legislation, litigation and apparent lack of direct accountability; but not the citizens of the member nations them selves.

As of this time relations with the British were still fine. Generally the Poles were welcomed and anti-Pakistani sentiment had receded in the UK.


As EU expansion occurred Polonaphobia and Gypsy hateing became popular at this time as a mixture of scaremongering headlines and a genuine, but misplaced, public fear of heavy immigration from Romania, Bulgaria and Albania occurred. Press accusations surrounding a Romania Gypsy caught driving without a valid driver's licence and the antics of several Romanians who were stealing metal from factories in the English Midlands to sell of as scrap were used to further fuel this fear.

Estonia got quite a bit of sympathy at the time over the 2007 Bronze Soldier of Tallinn incident. Russia was critasised in many media outlets for bullying Estonia.


As the global economy fell apart the public wanted some one to blame besides the nation's failed business leaders and bankers. There was a common belief at that that it was a global conspiracy by an undisclosed group or nation. As a result of this the EU and the USA were blamed par-see. Later it was totally baselessly claimed, in the tabloid press, that Latvia, Romania, the Ukraine and Greece had deliberately collapsed the economies to scrounge EU and IMF aid of the UK, the USA, Switzerland, the Netherlands (AKA- Holland) and Germany. In fact, it was Germany who was to blame as it loan sharked Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Latvia, Greece, Solvinia and Romania.

Racist attacks on Poles started to become a bit of a problem in the UK.


A Bulgarian rapist made things worse for everyone from Eastern Europe wanting to move to the city of Halifax.


As some Romanian gangs caused chaos stealing metal railway equipment, UK gangs looting from stock yards and where houses went largely unreported outside of official documents, legal reports, several professional journals and some local newspapers. As riots hit the UK between 6th and 11th August 2011, caused after a police officer shot and killed 29-year-old Mark Duggan during a traffic stop on the Ferry Lane bridge, Tottenham Hale on 4th August 2011, the country's media as a whole stood by the government.

The Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Sikhs, Tamils, Somalis, Muslims, Hindus, Turks, Jews, Greeks, Albanians, Kurds, Egyptians, Americans, Australians, Canadians, Russians and Poles stayed loyal to the UK. In many cases formed local visual-anti and counter-insurrectionist militias in Greater London and the West Midlands.

While most of it was ether a multicultural looting spree in Central London, a Black insurrection in north London, a peasants revolt in Sandwell and Dudley or a English looting spree in Nottingham and Birmingham City, other events kicked off else ware.

A small English a nationalist riot in Manchester was essentially run by impoverished locals and Polonophobes in an attempt to undermine Anglo-Polish relationships. Ethnically mixed hooligans tried to wreck Derby, Liverpool and Bristol, Romanian crooks went about metal thefts in South London and Smethwick was hit by some Pakistaniphobia attacks. Several other English towns and the Welsh city of Cardiff were hit by the riots.

After this British people became more cynical about immigrants.

Refugees pour out of the chaotic North African states and the dieting corpse of Sub-Saharan Africa. Africans migrate up a supplied Italy and Spain, in to a hacked off France. The EU agrees to dump all future migrants in to Malta and Belgian. The French and Belgian 'Jungle' migrant shanty towns are founded in 2011.


Tabloid newspaper reports became ever more bias and some TV reports joined in the feverish over what would happen in the EU if Romanians and Bulgarians were to emigrate to the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. Trouble concerning Blacks, Asians/South Asians, Orientals/East Asians (except for the Chinese government's computer hacking program) and Latin Americans was also slightly played down in the media. It was a about this point that fascism infected euroscepticum and that parts of the English population became overly racist to any one from the EU, USA, Russia, Poland, Afghanistan, Iraq or Pakistan.

The EU was falsely accused in some tabloid newspapers of single handedly undermining the UK economy and of siding with Romanian criminal gangs. Germany's mean spirited plans could have not worked in the UK without the help of the UK government and officials. As the Western economies folded the British blamed the Poles for taking thire jobs as immigration from Africa and the Indian sub-continent went in to hyperdrive.

The killing of April Jones, on 1st October 2012 by Britisher Mark Bridger became a major issue for a while, but every one agreed blindly in the name of the on-line psychology phenomena called 'group-think' that it had to be a tragic one off. Later the tragic 3rd March 2012 killing of Daniel Pełka attracted some Polonophodia at the time, but generally the populous stayed calm and neutral on this issue. The killing of the child Daniel Pelka  by his Polish parents was partially hijacked by English Polonophobes over the next few months in an attempt to undermine Anglo-Polish relationships.

Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan and Iranian refugees vomit in to Turkey, Cyprus and Greece. Koss and Lesbos were overrun. The also start fleeing their own crisis. The EU's national governments mocks the Syrian civil war and try to aggravate it by destabelising the country so far that ISIS could take over in places.


The sectarian murder of Drummer Lee Rigby of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in Woolwich on 22 May 2013 became a cause celebre. Some individuals, organisations and tabloids made unnecessarily aggravating remarks witch only made things worse. Soon UK-Islam relations were on the rocks and a couple of anti-Islam fire bomb attacks occurred. Whilst a couple of rogue Black Muslims had done the act and were sent to prison for it, Asian Muslims got the blame as well. Islamaphobia and Pakistaniphobia was enhanced for several months afterward.

Inevitably some Baltic nationals were guilty of civil crimes, but not as many as popular myth claimed. Racist attacks on Poles and Chinese became a new phenomena as well.

Russia was criticised in many media outlets for bullying Ukraine.

A five-man Romanian crime gang went on trial over a £120,000 14 thefts in three months in Ribble Valley, Lancashire on the 3rd of June, 2013.


27 November 2014 saw seven Somalis rested and jailed in Bristol. The abused girls were almost all white, with a few blacks, a Kosovar and a Palestinian also getting touched up, while the gang were of mostly Somalis rather than Pakistanis as in Rochdale. Some were drug-dealers selling heroin and cocaine, while others were described as "well-educated men with good prospects". The UK's media went crazy on the issue that Rochdale's Asians were guilty, whist the Somalis went vertically noticed. The UK's tabloid newspapers went crazy as doublethink, blackwhite, Newspeak, Europhobia and anti-Asian conspiracy theories abounded, leading to a peak in public xenophobia and hatred of all immigrants regardless of their origins!

Rochdale sex trafficking gang, Derby sex gang, Rotherham sex grooming case, Oxford sex gang Telford sex gang Peterborough sex abuse case and Bristol sex gang. Some fascist then had a field day blaming all blacks, Asians and eastern Europeans for the UK's child sex offences with out due evidence to prove the case to be more than libelous gossip and vindictive finger pointing.

41 year old Latvian crook, Arnis Zalkalns, murdered 14 year old Alice Gross early in the year and as the year ended a four-man Polish gang launched a brutal attack on a top London law school academic after being let through Britain’s open border controls despite horrific criminal records. The UK government was the accused by the media and some Latvian officials of only letting in crooks and not nice or useful people.

Markfield Recreation Ground was hit by a nasty scuffel on 23\6\2014 in which a free community music festival was taking place. CCTV and mobile phone footage has emerged of the disorder in which occurred during the "unprovoked attack" occurred, which saw rocks and fireworks being hurled. A group of "neo-Nazi Polish fascists" fan amok. A 24-year-old Polish man was stabbed during the incident, but not serious and some of the local Orthodox Jewish community were also targeted by the mob. Russia was criticised in many media outlets for annexing the eastern part of the Ukraine.

UKIP is Idolized by the UK tabloids as the real opposition to the Tories, Lib' Dem's and Labour. As this happens they also begin to stir English nationalist sentiments against the SNP. Their constant claims about the SNP, Islamic terrorists, immigrants and the EU were soon discredited by the TV and Radio news. Once the Tories saw UKIP get 10% of the vote they joined in the anti-EU\immigrant hysteria.


As borders open and close erratically in early and mid 2015 refugees surge into the former Yugoslavia and Greece. Hungary seals its border with Croatia and Slovenia, boasting it is a xenophobic state. Yugoslavia becomes overwhelmed, so Slovenia and Macedonia seal their borders. Serbia agrees to look after anyone who can get there from the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Romania. Albania and Bulgaria are now hit by refugees and the latter closes its borders.

The dead Syrian refugee, Aylan Kurdi, was found dead in Bodrum, Turkey, 2nd Sep 2015. He becomes a cause celebre. He's is believed to have been born in Kobanî, Syria. Aylan Kurdi's beach death photo was soon proven in 2015 to be a fake, UKIP then chime in and denied he even existed!

Various Oxford professionals were blamed by experts on Tuesday 3rd March 2015, as a review of the mindset that girls were raped were to blame, with victims perhaps totaling more than 370. Asians, Somalis, Whites and a Kosovar were both victims and perpetrators.

Seven White men aged between 30 and 51, including three convicted sex offenders were charged and found guilty of those charges on Wednesday 22 April 2015 They also used the "dark web" to communicate with each other on sites such as The Onion Router, known as TOR.

Immigrants that came to France got in trouble with the British again as truckers said they 'have attacked and stabbed' British lorry drivers in Calais amid 'catastrophic' scenes at the French port concerned on 18/6/2015.

Trevor Joyce from Abingdon was accused of stabbing Justin Skrewbowski (61) to death in a Poundland store on 8/12/2015, the case continues.

Russia was criticised in many media outlets for bullying and partially annexing Ukraine.

As time went on, UKIP became a champion of the far-right and the darling of the UK tabloid papers, especially the Mail and Express. Their constant claims about Islamic terrorists, immigrants and the EU were soon discredited by the TV and radio news, all political parties bar UKIP and the Tory leadership, experts, universities, the EU, the UN, the Arab League, charities, firms and NGOs. As UKIP entered a harmonious Kentish town near Chatham (I forgot which now) which was about 10% Portuguese/Brazilian immigrant, but when they left their was a mini-race riot, a wrecked corner shop, windows smashed in a home and the belief the place was mostly inhabited by immigrants.

Kid Company imploded and became a media sensation after it moved from looking after local poor kids in 1998 to apparently being a life style chose for black teens who did not want to be part of mainstream society in 2015. The TV news had a field-day on it, but the tabloids did not mention the fact that Camilla Batmagjeila was an Iranian and thus an immigrant!


As time went on, UKIP became a champion of the far-right and the darling of the UK tabloid papers, especially the Mail and Express. Their constant claims about Islamic terrorists, immigrants and the EU were soon discredited by the TV and radio news, all political parties bar UKIP and the Tory leadership, experts, universities, the EU, the UN, the Arab League, charities, firms and NGOs. Any indiscretion by a Middle Easterners and Asians was held as a norm, whilst Blacks were treated fairly and only the worst of Whites were exposed.

The constant torrent of dubious, false or misrepresented stories boomed due to the Syrian, Eritrean and Iraqi immigration crisis. Many EU nations refused to co-operate with the EU dispersal plan lead to Greece, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and the former Yugoslavia becoming a dustbin for immigrants. The attempted cover-up over the Cologne station and Stockholm rock concert rape gangs gave more fodder to the very people they feared the truth would aggravate. The British media claimed they ere all crooks and the steady drift of endearing and hapless immigrants had become a mindless conquering horde as on the beaches of Greece, which it had not.

The Tories wanted to crack down on Eastern European immigration and their rights once in the UK. UKIP blended the longstanding fear of EU bureaucracy, the ailing Euro (€), Anglo-Irish economic decline, Polonophobia, Islamophobia and Syrian refuge worries in to a ugly new anti-EU cabal. They implied wanted to end all UK treaties, overseas relations, trade, tourist, immigration and ethnic communities. 

Some Tories wanted a mass passport stripping and\or expulsion of EU nationals, especially Poles, from the UK. 

Both NATO and the USA became concerned that a isolationist UK brawling with a gaggle of post-EU Neo-Nazi/Neo-Faschist European nations would ruin the alliance and undermine the world's operation to Vladimir Putin. 

The UK media and David Cameron accuse UKIP and Brexit lovers of racist sentiment after condemning freedom of movement within Europe, ethnic minorities, Islam immigrants and EU membership.

UK newspapers were found to have Photoshopped some images of teenagers from the Calais migrant camp known as 'The Jungle' to substantiate their false Eurosceptics, Fascist, Nazi and "Little Englander" claims that the UK's intake of unaccompanied kids was being knowingly and regularly abused.

Lead by the likes of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, they are thriving on the perfect storm made by the colliding refugee crisis, terrorist threat and continued global financial difficulty, believing a far right\Euroceptic political narrative that bore little resemblance to the empirical truth as the parties' supposed experts conflated issues as gave broad brush stroke answers to any questions that applied to the crucial issues they didn’t want to confront or were found to be confused about.

Spanish farming in late 2016 and early 2017

The British supply of couchettes, broccoli and lettuce imploded from December 2016 due to cold weather and stocks ran low in the UK by January 2017. The bad weather had devastated farms in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, mainlands Greece and mainland Spain, as well as causing some damage in parts of southern France, Italy and Portugal’s mainland territory. The facts were soon forgotten in the bilesum rhetoric that soon followed.

Eurosceptics veered between it being a failure of the transport system (ie the ship sunk and\or the cargo went moldy) and the belief that the EU had deliberately ruined crops by for example switching fertilizer with weedkiller at the corporate depot the farmers bought it at. They also go fixated that it was a EU run trade blocked lead by Germany or they had forcibly taken the stuff of the farmers and back to Germany. It was also held that Greece was a sub-huma polar country that was better off dead and were conspiring with Germany and Portugal to ruin Spain and the UK.

Eurosceptic pushed the idea of food self-sufficiency, which the BNP had previously raised in the mid-1990s to no avail. The Eurosceptics doubted the quality, morality and reliability of any imports unlike the BNP who only mentioned reliability as an issue. The BNP had also raised issues that they confessed they were stopped on such as coconuts only growing in warm climates and heavy UK wheat imports from the USA, unlike the Eurosceptic which they ignore or denied.

According to a 2017 BBC documentary

According to a 2017 BBC documentary panorama life in immigration town raised the following points about life in 2017 in Slough.

  1. Spanish moved over hear to flee their ding nation*.
  2. Council houses are not given preferentially to Eastern Europeans.
  3. The ethnic groups are ~34% Anglos, ~51% Poles and ~24% the rest of the world\non-white British.
  4. Poles and Romanians are willing to flog them selves harder than Anglos\Blacks\Asians in factories who'a Anglo bosses are Anglophobeic anyhow.
  5. Roma are a disorderly and misunderstood rabble nobody loves anyhow.
  6. Asians think Roma are rude.
  7. Blacks said they came in the 1950s when the government wanted extra labour, but the Poles now come to act as cheep labour for mean bosses.
  8. No one welcomed or wanted the Poles in 2007 or 2017**.
  9. Anglos want to leave since they are immigrant phobic.
  10. Slough is booming, but on the back of a large and willing pool of Slavic slave*** labour.
  11. The Poles think they have the right and duty to take over. They think Anglos are a inferior people.
  12. The self proclaimed national loyalties are:
    1. Roma= British\Roma and or Romania.
    2. Poles= British\Polish (kids and teens), but Polish (adults)
    3. Romanians= British (kids)
    4. Blacks= British (adults)
    5. Coloreds= British (adults)
    6. Asians= British (adults)
    7. Anglos= British (adults)
    8. Irish= No interviews
    9. Italians= No interviews
    10. French= No interviews

.*They now beat up our ex-pats in Spain (as of 2012). .** Who don't like Anglos either by 2017. .*** Better than what they got back homeland (as of 2012).

The generation factor

As far as I can tell the collapsed standard of living among older people stirred anger amongst the baby boomer generation. They thought they could rebuild build the UK not for the nation's good, but for their own long term personal gain. The Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, [Anger-bishop-tells-baby-boomer-Senior-church-cleric-dubbed-divisive-unfair-wrong-comments.html condemned babyboomers] and the way today’s ‘fortunate generation’ of retirees born between 1945 and 1965 were draining the nation and living for the most part in luxury.

Their kids were split between what could be termed as relatively normal folk and the Yuppies and or Blairites, who's reckless and semi-criminal boom soon collapsed. This was soon followed by a economically rigged come criminal insane global mess (of which the UK was a leading part of it) that led to a near fatal world collapse ~10 years later in 2008.

The Millenniels, who are digitally native, generally enjoy living and working in urban areas, are ill with narcissism, state\cooperate servile, obsessed with self-entitlement, politically detached, money grubbing, anti-green, ideologically void and sports mad. The non-compliant remnant of current teenagers and most kids are lost, going delinquent, dropping out of society, unwanted and without hope; since they are disowned by their parents and hated by their grandparents (ironic, really, since this generation called their oldies trash in the 1960's and 1970s). The baby boomers now hate any one that is not them or vasselating to them, calling all change a teenage/immigrant plot against them (ironic, really, since this generation wanted to rewrite socialite's rules in the 1960's and 1970s). The new problem is that 18-45 year old men now regularly kill themselves, especially by suicide by train in the First Great Western zone of operation since ~2015!

The babyboomers condemned their parents for fighting in WW1 and WW2 rather than giving peace a chance, but were glad the Nazis' and Fascists' lost when they were young. It their youth they were marching in the name of peace, love, gay rights and racial unity; but now fall for the neo-Nazis spin and seek to repress the younger generations and entire non-white world, rather than just Nazis' and Fascists' enemies like Jews, gays and Slavs. The love of money, hatred of Mellenials and the desire to blame others for the failings of both them selves and Gen-X. The Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, [Anger-bishop-tells-baby-boomer-Senior-church-cleric-dubbed-divisive-unfair-wrong-comments.html condemned babyboomers] and the way today’s ‘fortunate generation’ of retirees born between 1945 and 1965 were draining the nation and living for the most part in luxury, while Mellenials go with out.

The migration facts!

2011 immigration figures

Country of birth Immigrants in the UK (2011 Census)
India (many Tamils) 722,433
Poland 654,010
Pakistan (many Kashmiries and Punjabis) 502,796
Ireland 468,142
Germany 299,746
China (Mostly Han) 284,069
Bangladesh 214,091
South Africa (mostly Whites and Zulus) 203,477
Nigeria (mostly Christian\Anamist southerners)  201,184
United States 197,355
Jamaica 160,775
Italy 141,205
Kenya 140,536
France 137,862
Philippines 129,836
Sri Lanka (many Tamils) 129,076
Australia 126,316
Zimbabwe 123,671
Lithuania 108,711
Somalia 103,049
  • Estimates hold that ten nationalities are over here in lesser numbers, but undisclosed/illegal immigration may have brought up to 50,000 in by 2012-
  1. Iranians 
  2. Iraqi Kurds
  3. Iraqi Arabs
  4. Syrians
  5. Turks (including Turkish Kurds, Balkan Turkish groups and Turkish North Cyprus)
  6. Eritreans
  7. Zimbabweans and Mozambiqueans claiming to be South Africans.
  8. Ukrainians
  9. Russians
  10. Non-Han Chinese (mostly from the major port cities, rural parts of Guangdong, Tibet, Uyrgr region and Beijing).

12 typical diverse boroughs

Cambridge Population (mid-2014 est.)

• Total

128,515 (ranked 166th)

• Ethnicity (2009)[1]

73.5% White British

1.1% White Irish 7.1% White Other 3.1% Black British 2.4% Mixed Race 8.4% British Asian 4.3% Chinese and other

ONS code

12UB (ONS)

Oxford Population (mid-2014 est.)

• City and non-metropolitan district

157,997 (ranked 118th of 326)

• Density

3,270/km2 (8,500/sq mi)

• Urban


• Metro


• Ethnicity[3]

72.4% White British

6.7% Other White 8.5% South Asian 3.7% Black4.3% Chinese 3.0% Mixed Race 2.5% Other 1.4% White Irish

ONS code

38UC (ONS)

Trafford Population (mid-2014 est.)

• Total

232,458 (Ranked 70th)

• Density

5,170/sq mi (1,997/km2)

• Ethnicity

(2011 data)[1]

80.41% White British

2.25% White Irish 0.18% Gypsy or Irish Traveller 2.87% Other White 1.17% White and Black Caribbean 0.29% White and Black African 0.68% White and Asian 0.52% Other mixed 2.75% Indian 3.10% Pakistani 0.20% Bangladeshi 0.98% Chinese 0.86% Other Asian 0.79% Black African 1.67% Black Caribbean 0.41% Other Black 0.55% Arab 0.41% Other ethnicity

ONS code

00BU (ONS)

N. Tyneside Population (2011)

• Estimate (2011)

202,744 (Ranked 85th)

• Density

6,026/sq mi (2,326.5/km2)

• Ethnicity

(2011 census) [1]

95.1% White British 2.1% Asian

ONS- unknown.

Dudley Population (mid-2014 est.)

• Total


• Rank

Ranked 30th

• Density

8,300/sq mi (3,200/km2)

• Ethnicity

90.4% White

1.6% Mixed 5.6% Asian 1.7% Black 0.7% Other

ONS code

00CR (ONS)

Kirklees Population (mid-2014 est.)

• Total


• Rank

Ranked 11th

• Density

2,700/sq mi (1,100/km2)

ONS code

00CZ (ONS)

E08000034 (GSS)


79.1% White

15% S.Asian 1.9% Black 2.3% Mixed Other 1.7%[1]

Enfield Population (mid-2014 est.)

• Total


• Rank

21st (of 326)

• Density

10,000/sq mi (3,900/km2)

• Ethnicity[1]

40.5% White British 2.2% White Irish 0.1% White Gypsy or Irish Traveller 18.2% Other White 1.6% White & Black Caribbean 0.8% White & Black African 1.3% White & Asian 1.8% Other Mixed 3.7% Indian 0.8% Pakistani1.8% Bangladeshi 0.8% Chinese 4% Other Asian 9% Black African 5.5% Black Caribbean 2.6% Other Black 0.6% Arab

4.5% Other

• ONS code


Hounslow Population (mid-2014 est.)

• Total


• Rank

53rd (of 326)

• Density

12,000/sq mi (4,700/km2)

• Ethnicity[1]

37.9% White British 1.9% White Irish 0.1% White Gypsy or Irish Traveller 11.5% Other White 0.9% White & Black Caribbean 0.7% White & Black African 1.3% White & Asian 1.2% Other Mixed 19% Indian 5.4% Pakistani0.9% Bangladeshi 0.9% Chinese 8.2% Other Asian 4.2% Black African 1.3% Black Caribbean1% Other Black 1.4% Arab

2.1% Other

• ONS code


Kensington and Chelsea Population (mid-2014 est.)

• Total


• Rank

121st (of 326)

• Density

33,000/sq mi (13,000/km2)

• Ethnicity[1]

39.3% White British 2.3% White Irish 0.1% White Gypsy or Irish Traveller 28.9% Other White 1.1% White & Black Caribbean 0.7% White & Black African 1.9% White & Asian 2% Other Mixed 1.6% Indian 0.6% Pakistani0.5% Bangladeshi 2.5% Chinese 4.8% Other Asian 3.5% Black African 2.1% Black Caribbean1% Other Black 4.1% Arab

3.1% Other

• ONS code


Westminster Population (mid-2014 est.)

• Total


• Rank

69th (of 326)

• Density

28,000/sq mi (11,000/km2)

• Ethnicity[1]

35.2% White British 2.3% White Irish 0% White Gypsy or Irish Traveller 24.1% Other White 0.9% White & Black Caribbean 0.9% White & Black African 1.6% White & Asian 1.8% Other Mixed 3.3% Indian 1.1% Pakistani2.9% Bangladeshi 2.7% Chinese 4.6% Other Asian 4.2% Black African 2% Black Caribbean1.3% Other Black 7.2% Arab

3.9% Other

• ONS code


Tower Hamlets Population (mid-2014 est.)

• Total


• Rank

41st (of 326)

• Density

37,000/sq mi (14,000/km2)

• Ethnicity[1]

31.2% White British 1.5% White Irish 0.1% White Gypsy or Irish Traveller 12.4% Other White 1.1% White & Black Caribbean 0.6% White & Black African 1.2% White & Asian 1.2% Other Mixed 2.7% Indian 1% Pakistani32% Bangladeshi 3.2% Chinese2.3% Other Asian 3.7% Black African 2.1% Black Caribbean1.5% Other Black 1% Arab

1.3% Other

• ONS code


Hillingdon Population (mid-2014 est.)

• Total


• Rank

37th (of 326)

• Density

6,600/sq mi (2,500/km2)

• Ethnicity[3]

52.2% White British 2.2% White Irish 0.1% White Gypsy or Irish Traveller 6.1% Other White 1% White & Black Caribbean 0.5% White & Black African 1.3% White & Asian 1% Other Mixed 13.4% Indian 3.4% Pakistani1% Bangladeshi 1.1% Chinese6.5% Other Asian 4.1% Black African 1.7% Black Caribbean1.5% Other Black 1.1% Arab

1.9% Other

• ONS code


Population (2011)

 • Total


 • Rank

Wrexham 10th

 • Density

690/sq mi (268/km2)

 • Ethnicity

97.6% white

ONS code


Demography in Boston, Lincolnshire


According to the 2001 census, there were 35,124 people residing in Boston town, of whom 48.2% were male and 51.8% were female. Children under five accounted for approximately 5% of the population. 23% of the resident population in Boston were of retirement age. In the 2011 census the Borough of Boston had a population of 64,600 with 15% of the population having been born outside of the UK and 11% having been born in EU accession countries (2001-2011) such as Poland and Lithuania. The non-white population made up 2.4% of the total population in 2011.


80% of the population are Christians, the next highest religious minority were Hindus making up 0.7%.

Sweden's ethnic % in 2012

Sweden was 20.1% overseas nationals and their descendants in 2012.

Historic data for Camden, Newham, Hackney and Tower Hamlets LB


Camden and Tower Hamlets LB population 1801-2011.
Year Hackney. Tower Hamlets Newham Camden
1801 14,609 130,871 8,875 96,795
1811 19,523 . 11,166 124,741
1821 25,342 . 13,005 158,077
1831 35,482 . 15,553 1922,28
1841 68,246 . 17,758 228,950
1851 94,961 330,548 24,875 270,197
1861 172,385 . 69,355 301,408
1871 249,810 . 113,835 332,619
1881 327,234 . 158,314 363830
1891 369,209 . 259,155 37,500
1901 374,132 578,143 338,506 362,581
1911 379,120 571,438 442,158 349,184
1921 368,469 529,114 448,081 335,408
1931 358,117 489,956 454,096 322,212
1941 305,501 337,774 377,508 286,956
1951 260,626 232,860 313,837 255558
1961 240,521 195,833 271,858 231,143
1971 221,975 164,699 235,496 209,097
1981 179,536 139,989 209,131 161,100
1991 187,792 167,985 221,146 181,489
2001 202,819 196,121 243,737 198,027
2011 213,573 254,096 307,984 .

Birth of Tower Hamlets

The earliest apparent use of the name "Tower Hamlets" was in the sixteenth century, when the Constable of the Tower of London commanded the Tower Hamlet Militia as the Lord Lieutenant of Tower Hamlets.

Diversity of Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets has one of the smallest indigenous populations of the boroughs in Britain. No ethnic group forms a majority of the population; a plurality of residents are of White ethnicity (45%) of which 31% are White British. Asians form 41% of the population, of which 32% are Bangladeshi which is the largest ethnic minority in the borough. A small proportion are of Black African and Caribbean descent (7%), with Somalis representing the second largest minority ethnic group. Those of mixed ethnic backgrounds form 4%, while other ethnic groups form 2%. The White British proportion was 31.2% in the 2011 census, falling from 42.9% in 2001.

As Tower Hamlets is considered as one of the world's most racially diverse zones, it holds various places of worship. According to the 2011 census, 34.5% of the population was Muslim, 27.1% Christian, 1.7% Hindu, 1.1% Buddhist, 1.1% followed other religions, 19.1% were not affiliated to a religion and 15.4% did not state their religion.

Hackney's demographics


Walking around Broadway Market, Hackney, London - Saturday 6th September 2014

This is a walk through of this bustling market; taking in the wonderful sights & sounds - we only wish you could smell & taste some of the delicious food being offered by the many street food stalls.


Hackney from the Air

Tony Robinson tells the story of Hackney from the air.

In 1801, the civil parishes that form the modern borough had a total population of 14,609. This rose steadily throughout the 19th century, as the district became built up; reaching 95,000 in the middle of that century. When the railways arrived the rate of population growth increased — reaching nearly 374,000 by the turn of the century. This increase in population peaked before World War I, falling slowly in the aftermath until World War II began an exodus from London toward the new towns under the Abercrombie Plan for London (1944). The population is now rising again, and the 2001 census gives Hackney a population of 202,824.

The population is ethnically diverse. Of the resident population, 89,490 (41%) people describe themselves as White British. 30,978 (14%) are in other White ethnic groups, 63,009 (29%) are Black or Black British, 20,000 (9%) are Asian or Asian British, 8501 (4%) describe themselves as 'Mixed', and 6432 (3%) as Chinese or Other.

There is also a large Turkish and Kurdish population resident in Hackney. Turkish and Kurdish communities are located in all parts of the borough, though there is a greater concentration in north and central Hackney.

132,931 (66%) of the resident population were British born. A further 10,095 (5%) were born in other parts of Europe, and the remaining 59,798 (29%) born elsewhere in the world.

The 2001 census also shows Christianity is the biggest religion in Hackney, with 44% of residents identifying Christian; 18% identified as Muslim, 4% Jewish, and 3% belonged to other religions. A further 19% stated no religion, and 12% did not state a response. By the 2011 census, residents identifying themselves as Christian fell to 38.6%, whilst those with no religion rose to 28.2%. Judaism had a modest increase, Islam had a small increase, and Hinduism made a slight drop.

The largest rise of ethnic groups between 2001 and 2011 was 'Other', which increased by 222%. This was followed by 'Mixed', which rose by 84%. At the 2011 census, 6.3% of the population was Jewish, making it the third biggest in England after London Borough of Barnet and the Hertsmere borough of Hertfordshire.

32% of households are owner–occupied.

The 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2012 Summer Paralympics

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, in London, United Kingdom, is a sporting complex built for the 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2012 Summer Paralympics, situated to the east of the city adjacent to the Stratford City development. It contains the athletes' Olympic Village and several of the sporting venues including the Olympic Stadium and London Aquatics Centre, besides the London Olympics Media Centre.

The park is overlooked by the ArcelorMittal Orbit, an observation tower and Britain's largest piece of public art. It was simply called Olympic Park during the Games but was later renamed to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II, (though it is not an official Royal Park of London). The park occupies an area straddling four east London boroughs; Newham, Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Waltham Forest. Part of the park reopened in July 2013, with a large majority of the rest (including the Aquatics Centre, Velopark and Orbit observation tower) reopening in April 2014.

Imaginary of the East End and environs

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