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The topography of the Balkan Peninsula, as defined by the Danube-Sava-Kupa line. Date:2006, before Serbia and Montenegro was split into two separate states.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 15, adopted unanimously on December 19, 1946, established a commission on the Establishment of commission to investigate border violations between Greek, Albanian, Bulgarian and Yugoslavian frontiers.

It was to both investigate the nature of and recommend a solution to, the alleged border violations along the Greek-Albanian and Bulgarian-Yugoslavian frontiers.

The commission was to arrive on site no later than January 15, 1947 and issue a report to the Council as soon as possible in order to maintain the regional peace as soon as practically possible.

United Nations Security Council Resolution  15.
Nation. For. Against. Abstain.
Kuomintang China. *
Provisional Government of the French Republic. *
United Kingdom. *
United States. *
Soviet Union. *
Australia. *
Brazil. *
Netherlands. *
Egypt. *
Mexico. *
Poland. *
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The Franco regime in Spain, Greek Civil War of 1946–1949, Republic of Mahabad, the and the [South] Azerbaijan People's Government were early tests of the UN's intention to stop a new world war breaking out so soon after World War 2 had ended.