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Traditional Middle East, The G8's Greater Middle East region and associated areas. Date: 18 July 2009, 18:44 (UTC).

United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 (S/RES/242) was adopted unanimously by the  UN Security Council on November 22, 1967, in the aftermath of the Six-Day War and saught to resolve the issues that both caused it and resulted from it among Israel and it's neighbors.

It called for a long term end to conflict in the region and serious peace talks to start up with out further delay.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 242
Nation. For. Against. Abstain
Taiwan. *
France. *
United Kingdom. *
United States. *
Soviet Union. *
Argentina. *
Brazil. *
Bulgaria. *
Canada. *
Denmark. *
Ethiopia. *
Japan. *
Mali. *
India. *
Nigeria. *
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