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United Nations Security Council resolution 683 was adopted on 22 December 1990. It recalled the ideals of Chapter XII of the United Nations Charter which established the United Nations Trusteeship system, United Nations Security Council Resolution 21 (1947) which approved the USA taking over the Trusteeship Territory of the Japanese Mandated Islands (since known as the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands). They concluded it's job was done and it would be wound up.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 683.
Nation. For. Against. Abstain.
China (PRC). *
France. *
United Kingdom. *
United States. *
Soviet Union. *
Canada. *
Cote d'Ivoire. *
Colombia. *
Cuba. *
Ethiopia. *
Finland. *
Malaysia. *
Romania. *
N. Yemen. *
Zaire. *
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  • 3 new nations were born-
  1. Federated States of Micronesia
  2. Marshall Islands
  3. Northern Mariana Islands

They had hoped Palau, which had not yet completed the negotiations at the time, would be freely able to exercise their right to self-determination, as the above-mentioned states already had done. Palau would also become independent in a few years time. Cuba voted against since the locals had not been consulted by any one other than the USA, who they intrinsically did not trust.