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United Nations Security Council Resolution 4, adopted on June 26, 1946, condemned the brutal Franco regime in Spain and continued the use of a sub-committee to study the any possible impact of Spain's dictatorship on the new 'International Peace and Security' and how to stop it doing so. The resolution was adopted in parts by unofficial consensus, and therefore no vote was taken on the text as a whole.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 7.
Nation. For. Against. Abstain.
Kuomintang China. *
Provisional Government of the French Republic. *
United Kingdom. *
United States. *
Soviet Union. *
Australia. *
Brazil. *
Netherlands. *
Egypt. *
Mexico. *
Poland. *
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Franco regime in Spain, Greek Civil War of 1946–1949, Republic of Mahabad, the and the [South] Azerbaijan People's Government were early tests of the UN's intention to stop a new world war breaking out so soon after World War 2 had ended.