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The territory of the United Socialist Republic of Bulgaria and Macedonia consists of [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] and [6].

December 1962 attack[]

Nuked at[]

  1. Varana Russian naval base- 2x 15kt.
  2. Yambol Bulgaria/Russian joint airbase.- 2x 15kt.
  3. Burgas naval base 2x 15kt.

Hit by a conventional carpet bombing by aircraft[]

  1. JNA Third Army barracks in Skopje.
  2. Buzludzha Soviet/Russian command center/Red Army memorial.
  3. Sofia.
  4. Pristina JNA radar station.
  5. Greek Army barracks in Alexandroupoli.


  1. Founded- January, 1962
  2. Capitol- Sofia.
  3. Population- 12,545,000.
    1. 827,831 died in the attack.
  4. Official language- Bulgarian (circa ~75%) and Macedonian (circa ~15%).
    1. Other languages- Some Greek, Romani, Turkish, Serbian and Albanian.
  5. Regime- Communist republic.
  6. Religion: Orthodox Christianity (officaly it is banned, but most people follow it anyhow).
    1. Minority groups: Roman Catholicism, Sunni Islam, Judaism, Irreligious and Atheist.
  7. Ethnic groups: Bulgarians and Macedonians.
    1. Minority groups:Turks, Romanians, Serbs, Pomaks, Aromans, Vlach, Christian Romani, Muslim Romani people Monti Negrins, Bulgarian, Kosovar Albanian and Greeks.
  8. Literacy rate- 86%.
  9. Currency- Lev.


Martial law was declared between 1962 1963.

Bulagria and Macidonia united in 1967.

The Greek lands were violently absordbed by Greece and Macidonia between 1962 and 1966.

Communism was voted out in 1990, but returned in 2006..

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