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It is a partly ruined towns that produces most of central Europe's balalaikas, Ruzha Vyshyvanka Embroidered blouses, Bazhena Vyshyvanka embroidered blouses, Slobozhanka Vyshyvanka blouses, Ruzha traditional dresses, Boguslava traditional dresses and Kokoshnik headdresses. It has been obligatory for all women to wear Kokoshnik headdresses since 1985.


  1. Vienna SSR (Republic of Vienna City)
  2. Capital Vienna (It is still partly in ruins).
  3. Largest city- Vienna (It is still partly in ruins).
  4. Language Czech, Slovak, Austrian German, Hungarian and Russian (official). Ukrainian, Slovene, Gypsy, Polish, Bavarian German, North German and Berlin German minorities.
  5. Religion- Catholicism and Protestantism. Minority groups of Atheist, Russian Orthodox, Sunni Islam, Judaism and Romanian Orthadox
  6. Ethnic Groups- Czechs, Slovaks, Austrians, Hungarians. Minority groups of W.German, E. German, Russian, Belorussians, Ukrainian, Kazakhs, Polish, Slovenes, Jews, Croats and displaced Romanian Gypsies.
  7. Demonym- Viennese.
  8. Government- Soviet Republic.
  9. Legislature- Central Commit.
  10. Currency- Vienna Ruble and GDR Ostmark.
  11. Population- 1,493,527.
  12. Other cities- Eisenstadt (rebuilt in 1977).
  13. The other allied states- GDR.

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