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M35 helmet

German Stahlhelm from World War II. Author: DavidC88888888.

  • Note: This page is meant to be synopsis of World War 2, not every detail about it is needed. Only add major events in the war and details that are relevant to the Cold War.


World War 2 was the worst conflict in human history both in terms of lives lost and devastation. Its conclusion directly brought about the Cold War.

Precipitating EventsEdit

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The WarEdit

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Aftermath and Transition to the Cold WarEdit


Selected WW2 global death tollsEdit

Selected World War 2 (WW2/WWII) global death tolls (including those killed in death camps and slavery).
Combatant nation. % dead (over 5% tinted in blue, 10% tinted in red and over 25% inted in brown).
UK  0.93
Greece 7.02 to 11.17
USA  0.32
France 1.35
USSR 14.2, with the worst losses in Ukraine SSR at 16.3% and Belarus SSR at 25.3%
Austria (De III Reich)  5.7
Germany (De III Reich) 9.7 to 10.0
Luxembourg 0.68
Belgium  1.05
Netherlands  3.45
Poland  16.1 to 16.7
Czechoslovakia 3.15
Denmark  0.08
Hungary  5.08 to 6.35
Finland 2.28
The Sudetenland (De III Reich) 20.00 to 30.00
Free City of Danzig (De III Reich) 10.0 to 20.0
Yugoslavia 6.7 to 11.00
Italy 1.03
Ireland 0.00
Japan 3.50 to 4.34
South Pacific Mandate (Japanese) 7.87
China 2.90 to 3.86
Portuguese Timor 8.33 to 14.58
Australian Nauru 14.7
Latvia 12.5
Lithuania 14.5
Dutch East Indies 4.3 to 5.76
Estonia 7.3
Guam (USA) 4.39 to 8.77
French Indochina 4.05 to 8.11
Cuba 0.00

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