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Yu-3 (ET32) torpedo.
Category. Data.
Type. Conventional Cold War torpedo.
Nationality. Chinese.
Made in. planned for 1983, test model 1984 and officially made in 1986.
Retired. Still in use.
Designer. Yunnan National Defense Office.
Manufacturer. Yunnan National Defense Office, Acoustic Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Science and 705th Institute; and the Dawn Machinery Factory (Shuguan Jixie Chang) of the Yunnan 6th Machinery Bureau. It is now licenced to the China Shipbuilding Co. to make and sell it as of 2009.
Variants. 0.
Diameter. 533 mm.
Speed. 35 kt.
Warhead. 190 kg of N\A conventional explosive.
Operational range. 13 km.
Guidance system. Active/passive acoustic homing.
Launch platform. Submarines.
Weight. Weight: 1.34 ton (1.2 ton for the training version).
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It is the name Chinese sturgeon (中华鲟)-II is an export version of Yu-3 torpedo. There are several sources that state that it may be a copy of the Soviet SET-65E, although this seems unlikely given the political climate, as development began in 1965 and thus just after the Sino-Soviet split had occurred.