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The signing of the 1978 Convention of Zug or Zug Convention of 1978 set up an alliance based on neutrality, the exit of all current armed and politically alliances other than deals on issues of trade or environmentalism. It is a sort of fledgling mutual trade, defence, fiscal, political and alliance bloc.

The member nations.
Nation. Year of joining. Year of leaving.
The United Republic of Tyrol (AKA-Alpina). 1978 -
* Denmark. 1977.5 -
* Albania-Kosovo. 1979.5 -
Andorra. 1979.5 -
The TNC 1980 -
Austria 1978 -
Liechtenstein 1978 -
Switzerland 1978 -
* Denmark had already agreed to trade, friendship, defense and political alliances in 1977.5. Albania-Kosovo signed an alliance and trade deal in 1979.5.